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Supreme Court Allows Vaccine Mandate for New York Health Care Workers

Doctors and nurses challenged a state coronavirus vaccine requirement that had medical but not religious exemptions, saying it violated their right to free exercise of their faiths…read more >

New York State: COVID-19 Vaccination Survey Response Needed

We are working with the NY Department of Health to gauge your interest and capacity regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. Governor Cuomo has established a COVID Vaccination Distribution and Implementation Task Force to map out a plan for New York State. You should have received an invitation to participate in an informational webinar being held on November 18th. We believe New York’s Urgent Care industry is perfectly situated to help assist in this program and meet the goal of vaccination during this public health crisis.

We would like to provide the task force with some information regarding the willingness to participate and capacity within our industry. Please take a few moments now to answer the following survey questions below. Your responses will help with planning and help show the ability and necessity of Urgent Care.

Progress on EO 202.61

The NERUCA Government Affairs Committee is pleased to announce that our recent efforts regarding New York State Executive Order 202.61 has resulted in an easing of the order’s time constraint for reporting of COVID-19 and Influenza test results.

Executive Order 202.72, issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo late last Tuesday, pushes the requirement to report results to NYS-DOH back, from 3 hours to 24 hours. Executive Order 202.61, detailing several new reporting requirements was issued on September 9th and made known to NERUCA on September 21st.

Though in agreement with the basic principles underlying the order, NERUCA and the Government Affairs Committee has been and continues to work with various partners within the state’s health care community, actively engaged in lobbying the Executive and DOH as well as the Legislature, as we seek to alter several of the order’s extremely burdensome requirements.

For more information or interest in joining the Government Affairs Committee, please contact Jonathan Halpert, MD at [email protected] or John Kulin, DO at [email protected]

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