Board Candidate Elections 2018

Leslie Jennifer Miller, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, ACPE
NYU Langone Medhattan Medical
New York, NY

Taking care of patients is a rewarding honor for me as a physician.  I chose to become an Emergency Physician because it allowed me to make a direct, immediate and critically important connection with patients.  The role of an Emergency Physician in our society is critical for health care delivery and my work and interests in Emergency Medicine as led me to be an educator, mentor and somewhat of an innovator in my work at different medical centers.  Here is a quick summary of my professional work from my medical school graduation in 1991 until I joined faculty at NYU School of Medicine in December of 2015. 

After completing medical school at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in 1991, I completed my PGY1 year in Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, New York; I completed my Emergency Medicine residency training at Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, NY.   I have spent the past 25 years, working in Emergency Departments and educating residents and mentoring junior faculty in different Emergency Department (ED) settings.   My first employment as an attending physician was at St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine from 1995-2004, and my academic affiliation was with Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.  During that time, the EM residency at SLRHC was in its 2nd year and I was very involved as a CORE faculty in curriculum development, lecturing and curriculum delivery, the development of the first New York City-wide Sexual Assault Forensic Examination or SAFE Program and the beginning of the first NY area EM Ultrasound fellowship program at SLRHC.  It was a very exciting time in the late 1990’s in EM in the NYC area. 

Since I had done my residency training at Jacobi Hospital Center, I also interacted as interdepartmental liaison of Emergency Medicine to Trauma Surgery and Ob/Gyn.  In 1997, my second year as an attending, I was promoted to the position of Assistant Medical Director of the St. Luke’s Hospital.  Several years later, I was recruited to be the Director of Clinical Operations and Vice Chair for the Emergency Department at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, New Jersey.  There, I also functioned as the ED Quality Assurance Director and worked extensively in process improvement and systems improvements  to implement an ED-Difficult Airway curriculum for Emergency Medicine residents and attendings, as well as help to promote the implementation of ED bedside ultrasound use as POCT testing in the ED at Newark Beth Israel.  At Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, a hospital of the St Barnabas Health Care system, which was a national leader in Patient Satisfaction, I had a significant education and learned an extensive amount about Patient Satisfaction and Press-Ganey survey.

By 2004, I was ready for additional growth and opportunity, and moved to NYPH/Columbia and Cornell ED Leadership, filling in the position of Assistant Medical Director for The Allen Hospital ED for two years and after that, advancing to the Medical Director for The Allen Hospital ED.  During my time at The Allen Hospital, I oversaw the implementation of STEMI transfer system from The Allen Hospital to CUMC catheterization labs and Stroke Telemedicine program from The Allen Hospital with CUMC Stroke Center and Neurological ICU.  As the Emergency Department Director, I oversaw all QI cases and issues and helped implement process change at NYPH ED/Columbia and Allen Hospitals.  My experience at the St Barnabas Health Care System in Patient Satisfaction served me well, in that I received a Patient Satisfaction Leadership Award at CUMC for my work in Patient Satisfaction and our significant success at The Allen Hospital in patient satisfaction and Press-Ganey scores.

By 2004, my interest in process improvement and efficiencies, medical standards of care, protocol implementation and patient satisfaction created a new overall perspective for me on my day to day work in the ED with ED patients:  the ED became more of a lens through which I started to see EDs as congested and inefficient medical care delivery areas except for a minor percentage of acute, seriously ill and injured patients, made too busy by patients who do not have life threatening illness or those are simply looking for access to medical care.  Indeed, data point to upwards of 70% (and higher) of ED patients don’t need to access their care in the ED or a tertiary referral center.  As an Emergency Physician in the front line of patient care, I wanted to be more involved in the proper movement and redirection of medical resources, which would also improve overall morbidity and mortality and Patient Satisfaction for ED patients and, therefore, ED staff. 

In 2010-2011, I created a business plan and partnership agreement to open a series of Urgent Care offices in Manhattan and its outer Burroughs, recruited partners, and raised the capital to fully fund our first Urgent Care office while still working full time in the ED.  I, with 16 other recruited partners, opened up Medhattan Immediate Medical Care in October of 2011 in lower Manhattan, and I functioned as the managing partner and CMO.  In 2015, instead of expanding as an independent Urgent Care network, I was recruited by NYU Langone Health to become part of NYU Health’s plan of expansion as the Division Director of Urgent Care Services in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine and I oversaw the asset sale of the UC practice in Lower Manhattan to become part of the NYU-Langone Medical Center Faculty Group Practice as NYULMC’s first free standing Urgent Care.  Last year, we opened up the second NYU Langone Health Ambulatory UC practice and additional ones are in consideration.  I am proud to be part of a wonderful, healthy organization, and being instrumental in the development and growth of UC, including challenges that need to be managed with that growth.

Urgent Care is relatively new to NYC and there are different kinds of care provided in different Urgent Care offices currently.   I believe in the future of Urgent Care Services to be an important link between patients, clinical providers, and insurance carriers.  The need for UC is growing and I think that I can bring a lot of administrative, business, and strategic experience to the North East Regional Urgent Care Association.  I would like to serve as a member of its Board of Directors, and work toward the promotion and prominence of UC medical services in our evolving medical landscape.


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